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Income and Residual Tracker
Actors Income & Expense Spreadsheet (PC only)
Actor Tax Package - (For those doing U.S. Tax returns only)
The Biorhythm Plotter
Basic Actor Package

Ranking Utility Add-In for Excel
5000m Runner Prediction Spreadsheet
AE Commission SuperWorkBook
The Macro Substitute Spreadsheet (PC Only)
Small2Medium Business Expense Spreadsheet
Mortgage Calculator - w/Interest Only option
Producer's Budget
Aspect Ratio Converter
Small Business Expense Spreadsheet
Monthly Personal Budget
Maze Generator (PC Only)

Simultaneous Equations Homework Generator
Quadratic Equation Homework Generator

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Small Business Expense Spreadsheet

This is a programmed spreadsheet that helps small businesses add up their expenses during the year or at tax time and give their accountants or tax-preparers a finalized Report on all the expenses relevant to their business. View image above of one of the pages for a clearer picture. Note, that is one of the data entry pages.

No more receipts in shoeboxes! No more calculators! Simply take all of your receipts, enter them in any order in the spreadsheet. All the calculations have been done for you. Excel will add them up, sort them in the categories you specify and collect them in one sheet for you to print out to give to your accountant. You dont have to enter any functions, do any sorting, or do any math. Simply provide the correct figures and you're good to go.

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